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Hello to the few of you who still watch this page! I realized I haven't been on here too much lately other than to fulfill my club duties. Heck, my journal hasn't been updated in nearly two years. In the two years I've written that journal I got hired at a job in Maryland, got laid off in April of last year, spent a year in unemployment purgatory, and got hired at a new job in Virginia. In those two years I put doing art off to the wayside due to a combination of self doubt, depression, and stress from either working at a job or trying to search for jobs. After attending comic conventions with my friends, meeting cartoonists and reading lots of independent comics, I finally feel inspiration to start doing my own work again. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll have new work up on my page on a regular basis. Also, I'm revamping my page to show a new beginning as an artist. I've tossed most of my gallery into an "old works" folder to separate my old stuff from the new. Some of my old stuff I'm still proud of, while others not so much but I'll leave them up here to show my progress as a cartoonist.Thanks everyone and hopefully stay tuned!
BriefLeaf Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so glad to see you're still around! I eagerly await your new submissions, and I'm SO glad to see that you've gotten another job.

I'll be watching! :hug:
jhaumann Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Thanks! :hug:
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